About us

Open World Financial Services Ltd is a licensed international money transfer company, which was established in London in 2014. Open World Financial Services Ltd has rapidly established itself as one of the leading Companies in Money Transfer to Afghanistan, Canada, China, Dubai, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

We are member of the UK Money Transfer Association, We are also registered with Customs and Excise and Financial Services Authority for Money Laundering Purposes.

We provide a cost effective service sending money to your family and friends anywhere in the world.


Sending money home (remittances) contributes to economic growth and to the livelihoods of many people worldwide. Remittances have the greatest impact on those living in developing countries. Remittance transfers can also promote access to financial services for the sender and recipient, thereby increasing financial and social inclusion.

  • Dramatically reduce transaction costs
  • Reduce indirect costs
  • Improve accessibility
  • Available to all


Open World Financial’s vision is to be a global leader in cross-currency, cross-border money movement & payment services, continuing to meet consumer and business needs as they develop.

  • Money Movement
  • Global Network
  • Ever-Evolving Technology
  • Partner Relationships


Many of us run into challenges managing our money. For consumers with low-to-moderate incomes, it can be especially hard to know where to get accurate, unbiased financial information to help make informed money decisions.

  • Federal and Local Government
  • National and Local Non-profits
  • Statewide and Regional Organizations